The Benefits of Trump

President Trump may well be one of the greatest things to happen to liberalism in America since the founding fathers brought forth their new nation.

Confused? Understandable.

He is after all a repulsive and narrow-minded person who openly repels all social progress made over the past hundred years and that’s honestly the best I can say about him. However, he may be exactly what the political left needs.

Republicans, and even Democrats, in the Presidential Office have been eroding the perceived “freedoms” of the American public for years; be it Nixon ‘fighting the good fight’ against reefer madness or the star-spangled Patriot Act gifted to us by George W. Bush, Americans have a diverse history of being completely stitched-up by their leaders under the guise of protection. These politicians have been conniving and underhand, but what surprises me is the continued obliviousness of the populace residing in the ‘Land of the Free’.

Trump, however, buffoon that he is, has boldly thrown his Muslim visa ban out into the executive ring like a blind matador. Never has the denial of the American dream been quite so obvious and indeed rather easily defined as ridiculous. It is clear to most, I feel, that the current picture of America is so far from that beautiful, shining image of the constitutional free speech, expression and religion that it’s bemuses me to see how tightly those cling to that foregone dream amidst the current dystopia. How do you think this happened? Admittedly the foundational statements of the constitution and the struggle from which it was born gives most a swell of pride but when you perceive the system that grew around it: a system of electoral colleges, state representatives and privately funded campaigns, it’s very clear that America is not so free as bought.

No one in Presidential history has made this more blatant than Donald J Trump. He funded his campaign he funded whilst spouting his institutional, top-down, anti-libertarian garbage. He attacks the Press, Mexico, women, Islam, as well as any other thing he happens to find disagreeable in his small petty mind, and has applauded for it for being “refreshing” or “honest”. Thus, America has finally reached the juncture, where a politician may speak his mind without subterfuge and yet still win out. This man serves as a mouthpiece for the bigoted and the greedy, and will be the man who finally showcases how idiotic, hypocritical and entitled these toxic views are without a smokescreen.

With any luck, he may even be stupid enough to show the world that they don’t work.


Written by: James King


Author: alternativefactsuk

Current Affairs and Economics from Loud Voices

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