We’re a group of students across the UK passionate about making our voices heard on current affairs and economics.




Caitlin Powell


From the sweeping South Downs, I now spend the majority of my time beyond the wall. I attempt to juggle an English Literature degree at the University of Edinburgh while getting involved with theatre, Model United Nations and journalism.




Rebecca Heap


‘Scottish Hermit’: feed with words and pictures and water regularly with coffee…wait for results.



Boris Kostadinov


Originally from Haskovo, Bulgaria, currently residing in Edinburgh spending my time studying German and English Literature at the University. Avid reader of Gothic, Romantic and Modernist fiction, keen theatre-goer, lover of jazz, soul, blues and showtunes. Trying to acquire multiple perspectives on life through languages and cultures, but failing to even cook pasta correctly.
Matt Allen
A student of History and Politics at the University of Warwick, I frequent the airwaves on Radio Warwick, and regularly write for student newspaper The Boar.
Elina Takala
I’m a second year Psychology and Business student with special interest in HR management. I was born and raised in Finland, but have been living in Edinburgh for year and a half now and intend to stay in the UK after my studies. My articles will look at current affairs from a business point of view or explain one main major economic concept in relation to them.
Dodo Charles
I’m just a small town girl, born and raised in the South Downs, took the midnight train going Edinburgh. Seriously, English Language and Literature Student at The University of Edinburgh, with a triad of loves: Tea, Cats, and Cormac McCarthy. Expect sass.
James King
UWE, Aerospace Engineer
I got this job by sleeping with an editor. Naughty, naughty…
Tom Dore
Politics and International Relations undergraduate at the University of Bristol. Politics-head, Drum and Bass head, Otherwise Headless.